REPA The Spare Parts Group

The REPA Group is a leading Group of European spare parts distributors and part of the PT Holdings family, which also includes Parts Town, First Choice Group and the Red Lightning Group. With several automated warehouses world-wide, 12 international locations and over 3,800 employees our Group is dedicated to a quick and efficient delivery of quality spare parts world-wide.
The umbrella brand REPA is derived from the Latin root “reparare” meaning “to repair”. It is internationally understandable and stands for the dedication to support the customers‘ business: installing, maintaining and repairing equipment. All REPA services are strictly designed to make it quick, easy and convenient for customers to do their job.
REPA aims every day to provide you with the most comprehensive spare parts solutions for catering, coffee & vending, refrigeration and household appliances. With access to an unrivalled product portfolio, automated warehouses across Europe and proven technical and industry expertise, the REPA team ensures next-day delivery of quality spare parts and accessories.


REPA Group
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